What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a manual exfoliation that removes the top layer of superficial dead skin on the entire face and ears using a sterile, single-use stainless steel butter blade. This also removes the “peach fuzz,” allowing products to absorb more efficiently, leaving the skin radiant.

How long does it take?

Results can be seen immediately, and it can be completed in about 20 minutes.

Pro Tip

You can book this treatment alone, or pair it with our amazing carbon peel. Dermaplaning enhances carbon peels by enabling the carbon to absorb the sebaceous oil, dirt, and debris more efficiently.

Who can get this treatment?

Dermaplaning is great for all skin types but is not recommended for cystic acne. For those with acne, this manual exfoliation helps slough off dead skin, dirt, and debris. It is amazing for those that wear makeup because dermaplaning preps the skin for flawless makeup application.

Will my hair grow back thicker?

Your vellus hair will not grow back thicker. Vellus hair (“peach fuzz”) and terminal hair (thick hair) covers our entire body. Our face is completely covered in vellus hair and it will grow back the way that it was.

Is there any down time?

There is zero down time, but you should be overly cautious of the sun. You can get in and out quickly so that you can resume the rest of your day. If you want a fast-efficient face treatment on a lunch break or in-between errands, this is perfect.

Before and after photo of a woman who had dermaplaning treatment
Above is an example of our Dermaplaning treatment. On the top is before the treatment and on the bottom is the result immediately after.
Before and after photo of a woman who had dermaplaning and carbon peel treatment
Above is an example of our Skin Rejuvenating Bundle, which is a package of one Dermaplaning and one Carbon Peel treatment.
On the left is before the treatments and on the right is the result immediately after.


per treatment

Recommend monthly

Add a Chemical Peel


One Dermplaning + One Chemical Peel

Recommend monthly

Skin Rejuvenating Bundle


One Dermaplaning + One Carbon Peel

Recommend Monthly

Frequently Asked Question


Is wearing sunscreen important after each treatment?

Applying sunscreen every day and reapplying sunscreen with continued sun exposure is highly recommended. It is extremely important to wear sunscreen and avoid direct sunlight 72 hours prior to each laser treatment and at least 72 hours post treatment.

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