Before and after photo of a woman who had a laser hair removal treatment

Above is an example of our Microneedling Treatment. On the left is before the treatment and on the right is the result one day after a single Microneedling Treatment.


When I first met Anna, I suggested she try Microneedling based on her skin care needs. She instilled her trust in me and I am so happy she did. She said her skin immediately felt tight and she was excited to see what her skin would look and feel like over the next few days. She was slightly red for the first 2 days, which is completely normal. During this procedure we utilized an oscillating 12-point needle cartridge that creates thousands of micro controlled injuries.

The very next day we saw that her expression lines were significantly softened. Her skin looked hydrated and rejuvenated and continued to feel tight. By day three she was ready to wear makeup and felt confident in her new skin. Over the next four weeks her skin continued to reveal a rejuvenated appearance. I want to caution anyone that is considering Microneedling, you may just fall in love with your skin.