Before and after photo of a woman who had a laser hair removal treatment

Above is an example of our Laser Hair Removal Treatment. On the left is before the treatment and on the right is the result after multiple Laser Hair Removal Treatments.

“I just love to shave,” said no one, ever. Shaving, waxing, tweezing is time consuming and a major headache. We live on an island surrounded by beautiful beaches with lots of outdoor activities. Personally, I don’t go out without thinking, “Did I shave?” It would be so nice to just get dressed and go without thinking about body hair. Laser Hair Removal was the best decision for me. Yeah, that one time I shaved only one armpit before going out in a tank top, or forgot to shave before a pedicure was really embarrassing for me. Never again!

Some people may say “It’s not a big deal,” or “It’s just hair.” How body hair affects a person is different for everyone. Laser Hair Removal saves me time and boosts my self confidence. I can say from experience that it improves my daily life. I am more confident and feel less anxious about what others think about me. If body hair is bothering you, try Laser Hair Removal. You are just a few treatments away from permanent hair reduction. Not shaving all the time or thinking about hair removal is such a relief. Hair today gone tomorrow!

The underarm pictured above has had 6 Laser Hair Removal Treatments. Prior to coming to our clinic, this customer had tried two other lasers and never had lasting results. After two Laser Hair Removal Treatments at Laser Specailists of Hawaii, she is extremely happy with the 80% reduction so far. See what she had to say about us below.

“Maintenance is way easier, and the laser was not painful at all. I cannot wait to do a few more sessions.”

Satisfied Customer of Laser Specialists of Hawaii