A woman's forehead before and after a carbon peel treatment

Above is an example of our Carbon Peel Treatment. Top image is before the treatment, and the bottom is the result immediately after the Carbon Peel Treatment.


See article below for the description of this image for Dermaplaning.


You are looking at dead skin on the black glove in the image above. Yep, dead skin. Before you think that it is gross or say you don’t have this on your face, let me tell you that we all have dead skin, and it is completely normal.  This person has normal skin, gets regular facials, and exfoliates twice a week. Even though she is diligent with her routine, she has recently started incorporating the Dermaplaning treatment at Laser Specialists of Hawaii. As you can see there is still plenty of dead skin to remove. 

Dermaplaning utilizes a professional blade to efficiently slough off what we cannot with our fingers, facial masks, or facial scrubs. So, you can use a facial scrub with those little beads to attempt to exfoliate, but you will never manually scrub this off with your fingers. However, we at Laser Specialists of Hawaii can remove this for you with the Dermaplaning Treatment, every two-four weeks. Not only did this brighten up her face, it reduced the number of breakouts she was having.

Will it hurt? The scalpel looks painful.” Do not be intimidated by the scalpel. Seriously, I have had people fall asleep during  dermaplaning, and many people say that it’s a piece of cake. Your skin will feel extremely smooth immediately following the treatment. I love seeing people react when they see the results in the mirror or tell me how much better their skincare products work. Let’s be honest, professional serums and moisturizers are not cheap, so why not get the most out of them?

We have uniquely paired Dermaplaning with the Carbon Peel Treatment. Dermaplaning is an excellent way to prep and polish the skin for Carbon Peeling.

By removing dead skin and vellus, or “peach fuzz” hair, the pores will absorb the carbon more efficiently and bind to sebaceous oil, dirt, and debris. Once the laser is applied to the face, the carbon will disintegrate and reveal radiant skin. Your skin will glow with the help of our special duo of Dermaplaning with Carbon Peel Treatments. Treat yourself!

Before and after photo of a woman who had dermaplaning and carbon peel treatment

Above is an example of our Skin Rejuvenating Bundle, which is a package of one Dermaplaning and one Carbon Peel treatment. On the left is before the treatments and on the right is the result immediately after.