Before and after photo of a person who had a laser tattoo removal treatment

Above is an example of our advanced laser tattoo removal treatment. On the left is before the treatment and on the right is after two sessions.


Do you remember when you got your first tattoo?  You know, the one that you regret. At that time, did you think, “this is so cool, I love it!” Fast forward a few years or decades and here you are staring at it every day thinking, “what the heck was I thinking?” Not all tattoos will stand the test of time. It’s okay, breathe, tattoos are not forever.

A woman came into the clinic with a tattoo that was over 20 years old. It had even been touched up to try and make it more appealing, but she was still unsatisfied and bothered by it. The tattoo has many colors and the location around her ankle made it very noticeable to her and everyone around her.

When you get a tattoo, it does not feel good. Once the tattoo needle begins injecting the ink, you are committed to seeing it through. The truth is that it does not feel good getting tattoos removed either and it is a big commitment. Luckily, lasers are very advanced now, and we have strong topical numbing cream to help alleviate discomfort.

Laser tattoo removal may cause blistering and cause the treatment area to be sore, which is very normal. Blistering is a natural and good response for the laser tattoo removal treatment. It enables the ink to digest through the lymphatic system. The results of a few treatments with the appropriate settings have revealed a lighter and less noticeable tattoo. With 4-6 more sessions, she will have hardly any tattoo pigment left, and that tattoo she got when she was 14 will be a distant memory.

In conclusion, this tattoo is over 20 years old and has been retouched. The multi-colored tattoo is no match for our sophisticated laser even though the ink is very concentrated. Tattoos that are on the extremities are further from the heart and lymph nodes, and may require more time to digest the ink articles and take time to heal. We are able to remove even the darkest and oldest tattoos with our powerful laser, while maximizing your comfort during Laser Tattoo Removal.


Below is an example of the same 20-year old multi-color tattoo after three Laser Tattoo Removal treatments.

Laser Tattoo Removal after 3 seesios